Sunday, January 30, 2011

Time to Organize

As I organize my files, I thought it might be good to log the results.

Henry Rarick - Revolutionary War records - Pennsylvania archives. The monies paid to, or by Lieutenants in the Pennsylvania Militia. Henry is listed as Lt in Capt Andrew Campbell's company.

Henry Rarick. From Cayuga County historian. 3 land records, a map, his will, the 1810 census and a list of his belongings at his death. JACKPOT!

Henry Rearick (his son) 1850 industrial census for Alden New York. Notes that Henry had a grist mill and the products produced.

David Seeber - his will from Joiner History Room of the Sycamore Public Library (Illinois)

David Seeber (father) and Lorenzo Seeber (son) - a copy of the 1865 Illinois census.

Lorenzo Seeber - a copy of the 1880 Agricultural Census listing his agricultural holdings.

A compilations of Wilber Seebers adventures in Grant County, including emails from the really nice woman who called it to my attention.

That's it for now!

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Denver Public Library

A little late in posting. :-). I went to the Denver Public Library in October of 2010. As hoped, I found a published genealogical history of the Rarick Family (by Dr Alden J. Rarick, 1979). No problems finding the volume. The Denver Library staff was extremely helpful.

Although chock full of information, the book had little I had not already discovered with two exceptions 1) a transcription of the will of Conrad Rarick, and 2) reference to an article in the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey.

The library also had the New Jersey genealogy magazine. It had a great listing of graves and inscriptions from the grave yard where Conrad was buried! What find!

A successful trip and, gain, the Denver Public Library staff is great!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wilber Sinkhorn builds a barn

After several years in Butler County, Wilber decided to move to Grant County and homestead just a few miles outside of Ulysses Kansas. In 1886, the local paper recorded his claim, and had several mentions of him. Below is a quick blurb on the barn Wilber was building.

After a couple of years, Wilber moved back to Butler County.

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