Sunday, September 4, 2011

David Seeber's father - Canajoharie, NY - Early 1800's

Genealogic Proof Sheet
Name David Seeber
DOB 1803
Death 1876
Question(s): Place of birth, Father of David Seeber
Conclusion: Birth - Montgomery County, NY, likely Canajoharie area
Father  - most likely John W Seeber, possibly Audolph Seeber
Source Evidence Conclusions
History of Ford County Daughter Harriet born in Montgomery County At Harriets birth (1831), residence was likely Montgomery County
Proof, Lorenzo Seeber birthplace Born in NY, Montgomery CO, prob Canajoharie At Lorenzo's birth (1837), residence was probably Montgomery County NY, possibly Canajoharie
Will of David Seeber Witnessed by Garret Seeber Probably a relative, perhaps brother. (This will be used to in conjuction with the 1840 census and Marcia Alary Seeber's family tree.) 
History of Ford County Grandparent in Revolutionary War Grandparent must be Revolutionary War veteran
History of Ford County Harriet raised in Booneville Onieda David must have resided in Oneida before 1853 but after Harriets birth in 1831
1840 Census David and Garret Seber located in Oneida County - adjacent in census, no David Seeber in Canajoharie census David Seeber and Garrett Seeber lived in Oneida County (probably next to one another)- reenforcement that the two were related
1830 Census Residence Canajoharie; no David Seber in Oneida; Adjacent to John W Seber. Other Seeber's on different pages David Seeber lived in Canajoharie in 1830; Census numbers are a good match to family ages. David lived adjacent to John W. Seeber. 
1830 Census Many adult male Yordons are listed in Canajoharie census Large family with wife's maiden name lived in the Canajoharie. Strong indication that David and Lany were both from Canajoharie.
1830 Census Seebers in census of appropriate age to be David's father: John W; Sylvanus, Audolph 3 potential names for David's father, John W's name shows up again. All three live in proximity to one another
1820 Census John and Adolph are the only adults with male's of David's age Narrow's possibilities for David's father to Adolphus or John W
1810 Census Household ages  in the John Seeber household match very closely David and his possible siblings ages Good census match to John Seeber. No Adolphus listed in census. John also lived next to William, who was appropriate age to be his father and Davis's grandfather.
Multiple Sources: SAR; History of Montgomery County; Story of old Fort Plain.  Lt William Seeber, Revolutionary War Veteran This would validated that William could be Davids Grandfather. Also fits with either Audolph or John S, both William's sons.
Family Tree - Marcia Seeber Alary. Ms Alary is one of the foremost researchers of the Seeber family David Seeber b 1803, Garret Seeber Brother, Father John Seeber Lists Father as Johannes (John) Seeber, Mother as Margaretha Diel. Lists both Garrett and David as sons, with appropriate birth dates.
Place of birth is very likely Mongomery County NY, and likely Canajoharie area David's father could be Audolph Seeber, but more likely John W. Seeber.  Both Audolph and John W. are sons of Lt William Seeber of the Rev war, fitting the need for the David's Grandfather to be a Rev war veteran. The age  is correct for John W, and the census number match well for family members. The proximity between John W and David when the 1830 census was taken is positive indication of a family relationship .Marcia Alary's family tree validates John W., and also places Garrett Seeber as David's brother. It also has the appropriate birthdates for both sons.