Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Movie "Lincoln" and the Seeber/Wallace family

The opening scenes of the movie "Lincoln" depict the Battle of Jenkins Ferry. My 2nd Great Grandfather, James Byers Wallace fought in this battle. He was a private in Company F of the 29th Iowa Infantry. His brother George was a Sergeant in the 29th Iowa as well.

The Union Army was covering its retreat over the Saline River at Jenkins Ferry, Arkansas in April of 1864. It rained for 18 hours straight, and the water was rapidly rising. The wagons and horses were mired in mud, and the combatants battled in 1 to 2 feet of mud and water in the middle of a heavily wooded swamp. Although hand to hand combat during this battle was rare (it was mostly a musketry battle), this scene appears to depict when the 2nd Kansas Colored Infantry and the 29th Iowa Infantry (I have used the official historical names of the units) rushed and captured a confederate artillery battery.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

This is the Marriage Document for my 3rd Great Grand Uncle, Alexander Sinkhorn. Although the names and dates from this have been available for a while, just released the indexed images!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Clarence Seeber's WWI discharge papers

Just arrived from the State archives in Topeka, my grandfathers WWI discharge papers!


                       Honorable Discharge from The United States Army

                                 TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:

This is to Certify, That* Frank C Seeber
982328 Private 1 Class Cas Det 1074 Dem Group___
(last Assigned) Welfare Det Co C Hq. Bn. A.S.C_____

THE UNUTES STATES ARMY, as a Testimonial of Honest and Faithful
Service, is hereby Honorably Discahred from the military service of the
Uninted States by reason of Tel W.D. Nov 18/18 Lts A.G. A. Nov 30/18

     Said       Frank C Seeber                                        was born
in       Great Bend        , in the state              of Kansas______________
When he enlisted he was 23 1/2 years of age and by occupation a  Chemist_______
He had Blue eyes, Brown Hair, Fair complexion, and
was 5 Feet 7 1'2 inches in height.

   Given under my hand at Camp Dodge Iowa this
21st Day of July, one thousand nine hundred and nineteen

                                                     Lo?? Cam?e?
                                                     Major, Signal Corps USA

Transcriptionist: PAGE 2

                                                                     Enlistment Record

Name: Frank C Seeber                                                     Grade: Private 1 Class
Enlisted, or Inducted,  Apr 17    ,1918 , at Great Bend Kansas

Serving in   First                                     enlistment period at the date of discharge
Prior Service:* None________________________________________________

Noncommisioned Officer: Never_______________________________________
Marksmanship, gunner qualification or rating: Not qualified________________
Horsemanship: Not Mounted_________________________________________
Battles, engagements, skirmishes, expeditions:
 A.E.F Adv. on Oureq and Vesle Aug 2 to Sept 7
Inc. Meuse Argonne Offen Sept 26 Oct 9 Thaincourt Sec Oct 15 to Nov 11/18
Oiaw-aisne Off Aug 18-Sept 7, 18
Decorations Medals Nadeges Citations
Knowledge of any vocation: Chemist_____________________________________

Wounds recieved in service: Wounded___________________________________

Physical Condition when discharged: Good________________________________
Typhoid prophylaxis completed _triple May 6/18____________________________
Paratyphoid prophylaxix completed_______________________________________
Married or Single: Single_______________________________________________
Character: Excellent_________________________________________________
Remarks: No A.W.O.L No A.F.D under G.O. 31?45 W.D. 1914__________________
                  Entitled to travel Pay___________________________________________
                  Left U.S. June 21/18  Wounded checron authorized  April 11, 1918_____
                  Returned to U.S. July 9/19_______________________________________

                                                    G E Jemison__________________
                                                    Capt Inf U.S.A________________
                                                    commanding CAS Det 1074______

Transcriptionist -Stamped on Middle of Form
Ticket from Camp Dodge to
Great Bend KS
Form  ? 3 52468
Date issued  7/21/1919
H. H. LAVINE,  Agent

Transcriptionist -Stamped on bottom of Form
JULY 21 1919
Paid in Full Including
Bonus. $ 139.28
A. A. Pasmore
Capt. Quartermaster, U.S.A.

Monday, February 13, 2012

William Seeber - Chairman of the Committe of Safety - Revolutionary War

In the Mid-1770's, several forts along the Mohawk Valley in New York were rebuilt, in anticipation of an attack by the British. One of the outposts which had recently been reconstructed was For Schuyler (a.k.a. Fort Stanwix). It was commanded by General Phillip Schuyler. In mid July of 1777, concerned of a British offensive, General Schuyler requested troops from the Tryon County Militia. The county Militia consisted of mostly Palatine farmers who were concerned about leaving their families unprotected. The County of Tryon Committee of Safety voiced their concerns in a letter to their commanding officer, General Nicholas Herkimer.

Below is a an image of letter to General Herlimer, from my 6th Great Grandfather, William Seeber, Chairman of the Comittee of Safety.


"Canajohary this 12th of July 1777
To Br Gen. Herkeimer
This Committee of the County of Tryon got certain
information, that the Troops under Col. van Schaik
are ordered this day by expres from gen Schuyler,
to march immediately to Fort Schuyler. In the
same time he acquaints this Comittee, that no
Continental Troops can be spared for the protection
and safety of this County, but that all is left to the
spirited efforts of the militia. This Comitee takes
the liberty to lay the critical situation of Cherry
Valley and other parts of the County before you and
can not help to think that sending the Militia out
of the reach of Inhabitants might be of the
most dreadful consequence and that Cherry Valley
sollicites by several express for its defence.
We pray therfore, that your Honor will supercede
your orders for the sending a reinforcement out of
the militia, but to station the Militia in such
manner as will best serve to the protection of the
inhabitants of this County. We hope to have your
concurrence and remain with due respect.
your very obdt humble
Attested William Seeber Chairman
Please to return the enclosed
writings adter Perusal
and immediate orders for
the Militia waiting for your
Commands, by this Expres"